Manage Property Intelligently

The world’s first LTE Smart Key Box, integrated with Trip Itinerary & Manager Dashboard

  • “Lubn created the world’s first 4G smart key lock box for property management”
  • "Lubn offers an easily installed, smart key alternative to Amazon Key”
  • “Selected by Taiwan Tech Star to showcase their property managment innovation”

Click & go

Attach LTE smart key boxes and start immediate control over property access from anywhere at anytime. No more hustle and bustle on wifi connection and bluetooth pairing.

Click & go
Control property access remotely with 4G/LTE
Check-in securely via the embedded camera

Stay Connected with One Dashboard

Manage and stay updated with access activities made at each property by any individual on one Dashboard.

Improve business efficiency with autonomous property management
Manage properties, clients, managers, and visitors on one Dashboard
Auto-sync booking information through Lubn SDK

Frictionless access

Secure access with the Trip Itinerary where a QR code pass and the trip details are integrated without additional app installations.

Integrate access pass & trip details into a system-generated itinerary
Check-in securely with the time-based QR code
Grant instant access remotely to a trusted visitor

Keep your
property safe

Built-in hardware security chip

Ensure the highest level of security with two-layer encryption and SSL connection

Embedded camera

See who visit the property or tamper the LubnBox

Encrypted time-based QR code

Release the keys with a Manager revocable, encrypted, time-based QR code.


Alert the manager as soon as the embedded acceleration sensor detects any unauthorized action.

Design For

Property manager

Service provider

Store owner

BnB host

​Pilot partners

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One system for multiple listings

Manage properties, clients, other managers, and visitors with one Dashboard

Schedule & approve visits

Self-schedule or approve bookings on Manager Dashboard through website or Lubn App

Multi-property management system

View and manage all properties on Lubn Dashboard to effectively keep track of every property access activity securely.

Business Intelligence

Utilize Lubn’s built-in data analysis feature for business decisions making performance improvement.

Sustainable power

Convert sunlight to support unlimited access activities

Solar powered
USB charging as backup

It just fits

LubnBox fits all kinds of door knobs, handles, and wall mounts

LTE Category M
2 Megapixel CMOS camera
Solar powered
G-sensor embedded for tamper alert
Weatherproof - IP55
Keymag store 5 Keys or 3 Keys + 1 Key Fob​

Expected to ship in July, 2019

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